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Wealth Management

In conjunction with the Commercial Development Bank Private- and Investment Banking services, we offer a comprehensive range of Wealth Building and -Management services for both individuals and institutions. By combining the funding structures created for project funding with various Investment Banking services we are able to expand the wealth profile of individuals or institutions associated with a project.


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About Us

Cyrus Capital Group, L.P. is an SEC registered investment adviser with offices in New York. Cyrus invests on a global basis in securities and loans issued by corporates and sovereigns. It invests across the entire capital structure of companies, takes long and short positions in debt, equity and derivative instruments traded publicly and over the counter, directly structures capital solutions for companies, and leads capital raises. Cyrus is an active investor that is deep value-focused and experienced in legal and process-oriented opportunities.

Cyrus seeks to generate high absolute returns over a full credit and business cycle. The Cyrus team is comprised of professionals with skill sets including bankruptcy and restructuring, industry, legal, private equity, capital structure, derivatives, trading, and capital markets.

Cyrus was founded by Stephen C. Freidheim in 1999, became independently-owned in 2005 and today manages approximately $3.8 billion (as of 3/1/21). Cyrus seeks to partner with like-minded investors who share its investments and business principles. Cyrus’ investment partners include leading family offices, endowments, and long-term institutional investors. We hard closed our flagship funds in April 2014, and reopened them due to the changes in the distressed opportunity set in May 2020. We are currently selectively accepting commitments to the funds.

We propose the following steps:

  1. Proposed Cyrus Bank opens a correspondent account for the receiving

  1. The receiving bank opens a correspondent account for Proposed Cyrus Bank . All applicable documentation is available to be sent directly, on

  1. Proposed Cyrus Bank will place the agreed amount in that account, say 1Million Euro/US Dollar/British Pounds/Local

In the case of local currency, Proposed Cyrus Bank  does currency conversion.

That is the initial transfer. After that, we will implement transfers on behalf of clients.

  1. The receiving bank will show the same

  1. We need to know what facilities we can have on this money; will the receiving bank enable us to:
    1. Show Proof of Funds or
    2. Blocked funds or
    3. Buy products/service for regular

  1. We will use the funds and our ability to use it, to find a fitting contract and sellers or We prefer working with local people. That will support the local economy.

Sales could take place through ‘our’ bank.

  1. After we have sold the product (including but not limited to commodities, raw gold, diamonds, oil), the profits (expected 10-15%; medium to low risk) will return to the account and build up the agreed price in clean earned cash.

Our end-target includes but is not limited to project financing, debt reduction, (management-) buyouts.

Depended on the target amount and the facilities the receiving bank can provide us, we can expect to reach the amount in 3-6 months.

A doctor can bury his mistakes, but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

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Leave us a note and we will get back to you for a free consultation

Proposed Cyrus Bank

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Our Mission

The CYRUS Group has two goals,
to end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity in a sustainable way

This website contains statements (including figures) regarding CYRUS CAPITAL GROUP L,P.  corporate strategies, objectives, and views of future developments that are forward-looking in nature and are not simply reiterations of historical facts. These statements are presented to inform stakeholders of the views of CYRUS.C.G’s management but should not be relied on solely in making investment and other decisions. You should be aware that a number of important risk factors could lead to outcomes that differ materially from those presented in such forward-looking statements. These include, but are not limited to, (i) change in economic conditions that may lead to unforeseen developments in markets for products handled by CYRUS.C.G, (ii) fluctuations in currency exchange rates that may cause unexpected deterioration in the value of transactions, (iii) adverse political developments that may create unavoidable delays or postponement of transactions and projects, (iv) changes in laws, regulations, or policies in any of the countries where CYRUS.C.G conducts its operations that may affect CYRUS.C.G’s ability to fulfill its commitments, and (v) significant changes in the competitive environment. In the course of its operations, CYRUS.C.G’s adopts measures to control these and other types of risks, but this does not constitute a guarantee that such measures will be effective.

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